Hello! My name is Tami, and my Erasmus+ journey started when I was 18yo. Travelling and exploring had been my dream for a long time before, but due to time constraints, taking extended trips or exchange programmes was challenging. However, E29 provided the perfect solution – 12 days of adventure. It was an ideal time to meet incredible people, discover interesting topics, improve digital skills, and create special bonds with amazing individuals (whom I continue to encounter in further projects and even beyond).

Conversations with these people led us down a path of diverse ideas and viewpoints, always enriching and enlightening. During the projects, I had the opportunity to work with various technical equipment, film videos, take photos, and create graphics for future projects, as well as prepare activities for other participants. All of this also contributed to improving my language skills – with such people like me – willing to learn more, nobody was afraid of making mistakes.

Experiencing the project’s atmosphere, the incredible mood, and the exploration of a new country and culture – I wish everyone could have such an opportunity. My experience with the Erasmus+ programme is unique and unforgettable adventure!