My adventure with E29 and Erasmus began in 2022 when I got the chance to join a youth exchange program in Portugal. Since then, I have been a part of more than 10 projects, including youth exchanges, training courses and sports activities. Through these experiences, I have learned things you do not typically learn in school. I have also had the opportunity to visit beautiful countries like Lithuania, Portugal, Czechia, and Slovakia and make friends from different backgrounds and places.

Before I got involved in these projects, I loved taking photos. Luckily, I was able to combine my love for photography with Erasmus by becoming a volunteer and joining the media team and continue capturing moments.

With many people I am still in contact with now. One of them is Minja from Serbia. I met her in Slovakia where we were volunteering, holding sessions and creating fun activities on one of the youth exchanges. Since then, our friendship has become deeper. We are like sisters but not from the same blood.

The other person with whom I am still in touch with is Rita from Portugal. Our friendship started in Portugal and it is still going on. The most beautiful part of our story is that even if we are 2500 km distant from each other, we know that we can count on the person, no matter what.

Erasmus has had a big impact on me. It made me more open and confident. I used to be afraid of speaking in public, but these projects helped me overcome that fear. They have taught me to be grateful for what life gives and to make the most of every opportunity. Thanks to Erasmus, I have realized that we should take chances when they come our way, because we might regret it later if we do not, and just live our lives to the fullest.