Before my first project, I’ve never heard of Erasmus+, and youth exchanges before. I have a twinbrother who had a forthcoming project in his school, and he didn’t want to go, so my mother asked the school if it’s possible to send a person from a different school. Since there were some free places, fortunately I got in. A few days before the project had started, I had some second thoughts about my decision. I was afraid, due to the fact that I will spend the next two weeks with literally 60 strangers(since I didn’t know anyone) in the middle of nowhere in Czechia.

I’m super glad that I did not change my mind. Probably it was the best decision I’ve ever made in my entire life. I suddenly found myself in a situation where I had to be an extrovert.

And I wouldn’t have considered myself as an introvert, but now I as I look back, I wasn’t the most outgoing, talkative type:) I started getting much more open minded and I didn’t even notice it. I made a lot of friends even on the first few days, and with some of them I still keep in touch and go on projects with.

I’ve still been going on projects since my first one, and in the future, I hope I can keep this habit. And no, I don’t go on projects because I don’t have to learn anything in school, instead I go on them because I learn more then if I was in school.

And now, as I have a different perspective, I feel bad for all the people who have the opportunity to go, but they don’t want to because, as they say: “it’s just a project”…now I know what they are missing on.