Hiking for All aims to promote social inclusion and equal opportunities in sport. The idea is to raise the awareness of young people, specially the ones with fewer opportunities, to the benefits of hiking as part of a healthy lifestyle. During the project we focused in developing a common approach to promote hiking and to include young people with fewer opportunities in these type of activities.


During our project we organized several hikes in the 5 countries of the partnership.
The idea was to include participants with fewer opportunities and promote the sport and its benefits as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Balaton, Hungary

Špičák, Czechia

Berlengas, Portugal

Sitno, Slovakia

Fruška Gora, Serbia

Lispej Kilató, HU

Areia Branca, Portugal

Strazilovo, Serbia

Kvacianska Dolina, SK


Vlad, Hungary

Bartolomej, Slovakia

I was part of the hike in Badacsonytomaj. Of course I knew hiking was a thing, but before this experience I considered it quite dull. I now realize, I just never had the right company. I don’t find walking in the forest by myself that entertaining, but I learned that hanging out with friends is great to do while tracking along a nice trail. It is a peak of our time spent together to get to our destination, look around, observe the beautiful view, sit down on a bench or in the grass exhausted, and share a bag of chips. This project showed me how amazing a hike can be, and I cannot be grateful enough. 

My first time hiking outside my country was at Berlengas, during the Erasmus+ project Hiking for All. It was… truly something else. I am from Slovakia, so I’m used to mountains and valleys, the beautiful landscapes after exhausting trips up to the apex. I love the satisfaction, of making it up the top, sitting down on a rock, having a sandwich and enjoying the view. However, I had never seen the ocean before. During this hike, we walked across a narrow little bridge to a majestic castle sat on a tiny island in the sea. This project managed to reignite my already hotly burning passion for hiking. I highly recommend anyone reading this, to put on a pair of shoes, pack some snacks, and go out on a hike in the Nature. 

I’ve been to both hikes in Serbia. I went to the hike at Fruska Gora. It was a very nice place, and the company was awesome. We had quite a few interesting topics we discussed, mostly connected to staying fit and healthy, and I got to talk about how the quarantine was for me both mentally and physically. I had such a great time, that when they invited me, I immediately decided to go to the other Serbian hike, Strazilovo as well. I had similarly nice experiences there as well, and as a more experienced participant I enjoyed being in the know. I highly recommend taking part in Erasmus+ projects and hikes to everyone! 

I hike often, so I was intrigued when I heard about this project. I am always on the lookout for new “hikemates” (people to hike with), and I am glad to say I find a few great ones during our trip to Kvačianska dolina. It was a nice new experience to go with people from other countries. I was proud as I showed them the way (I’d done this hike a few times before) and I’m happy some invited me to their countries where they said they would be happy to guide me around. I am looking forward to taking them up on their offer. 

A friend of mine had been on a few youth exchanges before, and she’s been trying to get me to go one with her for some time now. I was afraid to go, I’m not confident in my English and I’m shy around new people. However, when she told me about this project, I couldn’t refuse. I am very much into hiking, and I thought that worst case scenario, I’d have a bad day and I could go home right after. However, I had the time of my life. I would never have guessed how great it is to meet new people from different countries. I loved the hike I got to go during this project and I’ve been in contact with the organizers about going to a youth exchange with them in the near future! 


These are some of our favourite hikes across Europe with different levels of difficulty. Get off your chair and go explore it.

Lispej Kilató, Hungary

This track is a piece of cake and should cause no difficulties for even the most inexperienced of hikers, so it can be a nice place to start if someone wants to pick up this hobby.

At the end of the road stands a cute little viewpoint, from where you can see the road the observer had just taken. If the hiker gets lucky, they can even see some rabbits or other wildlife around the path!

Špičák, Czechia

In the spring/summer/fall, this is a family-friendly hike with a wonderful view from the top. After the moderately steep incline, in about half an hour one can get up to the top of the mountain, where there is a lookout tower with a truly mind-blowing panorama. During the bone-chilling Czech winter, the hike is transformed into a freezing cold winter wonderland. During this period, the reader is better off putting on a pair of skis, taking the ski elevator and enjoying the changed view from the top in this manner. Afterwards, they can ski down, which is both easier and faster than doing so on foot during the warmer seasons.

Forte do Paimogo, Portugal

This hike is quite an easy one, with not many uphill parts, but a wonderful view of the ocean the whole way through. The end destination, the Fort stands abandoned and can be fun to roam around in in discover, especially with children. For those to whom the sight of the ocean is not enough, there is the Paimogo beach close by. There are no shops or stalls, so one can enjoy the sea without a crowd. It is often quite windy on the beach, which can create enormous waves that can be fun to play in. Careful with the rocks though!

Fruška Gora, Serbia

Fruška Gora is rightfully called the Jewel of Serbia by some. This hike can be a bit of a challenge for those that have never hiked, but it is all worth it for the view at the end. The trail goes through titanic changes through the different seasons, so it is worth revisiting it from time to time. The snow-covered winter wonderland transforms into a lush green jungle through spring, and takes on millions of shades of orange, brown and red through autumn. However, the temperatures vary quite a lot too, so be careful when picking what you’ll wear!

Sitno, Slovakia

The walk leading up to Sitno can be a bit tiresome for the inexperienced, but the scenery from the top is well worth it for anyone and everyone, I can guarantee it. The track can get quite slippery with the winter, so I recommend everyone goes during the rest of the year. For the adventurous, there are some nice rocks at the peak, which are quite entertaining to climb. The careful observers can even familiarize themselves with the legend of the Sitno Knights during their hike!

Kvacianska Dolina, Slovakia

Our tour was a pleasant walk in a beautiful, mountain environment , which will stay etched in everyone’s memory. You will see a very impressive rock formation Jánošíkova hlava, (Janosiks head), amazing views of the valley and at the end, the beautiful Mlyny Oblazy (water mill) you should not miss. It was build by volunteers to show the old type of life. Around the mill you can find also some domestic animals such as goats or chicken.

The route is suitable for all types of tourists, as it is not challenging. We believe that once you visit this place, you will want to return.


Hiking for All is a small collaborative partnership in the field of Sport co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. For two years we worked on promoting hiking as an active leisure-time sport activity who can foster social inclusion.

Despite of the COVID19 pandemic restricting the amount and scale of activities we could do, we have managed to work on making hiking more attractive for young people, we have raised awareness to its benefits both mental and physical and promoted social inclusion by including young people facing fewer opportunities in our hiking activities.