Project Description


Hiking for All aims to promote social inclusion and equal opportunities in sport. The idea is to raise the awareness of young people, specially the ones with fewer opportunities, to the benefits of hiking as part of a healthy lifestyle. During the project we will focus in developing a common approach to promote hiking and to include young people with fewer opportunities in these type of activities.



During our project we organized several hikes in the 5 countries of the partnership.
The idea was to include participants with fewer opportunities and promote the sport and its benefits as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Balaton, Hungary

Spicak, Czechia

Berlengas, Portugal

Sitno, Slovakia

Fruska Gora, Serbia

Lispeszentadorján, HU

Areia Branca, Portugal

Strazilovo, Serbia


Vlad, Hungary

Bartolomej, Slovakia


Hiking for All is a small collaborative partnership in the field of Sport co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. For two years we worked on promoting hiking as an active leisure-time sport activity who can foster social inclusion.
Despite of the COVID19 pandemic restricting the amount and scale of activities we could do, we have managed to work on making hiking more attractive for young people, we have raised awareness to its benefits both mental and physical and promoted social inclusion by including young people facing fewer opportunities in our hiking activities.