I have participated in handful of Erasmus+ projects and trainings. It all started 4 years ago, when I went to my first project in Czechia, with the desire to see amazing places, and to learn as much about other European cultures as possible, and also to teach others about my culture. It was a really cool experience, but wasn’t enough…I wanted more.

With my impatient hands, I applied for the next project as soon as I could. At my second project in Slovakia, I casually opened a door to a never-ending line of amazing times in my life by telling the organization that I want to do more. They offered me an opportunity to go to a training some months after the project, so I can join the organizers. Since then, I started to travel around Europe with no brakes, I taught people things that they might can’t learn anywhere else, made life-long friends, went to amazing places, and I found the love of my life. I met her in Portugal, we started dating in Hungary, she is Slovakian, so I travel to Slovakia every weekend to see her. It’s amazing how I had to travel so far to meet someone so close. Erasmus showed me how unexpected and beautiful life can be at the same time.

PS. Una in diversitate pacem mundi augeat.