My name is Diana and I am a 22 year old student from Romania. My journey with E29 started back when I was a freshman in high school. Now, almost 6 years later, I can write novels about my experience. Ever since the first project I attended, I could not stop from applying to more and I can proudly say that I lost count of them. Numbers are irrelevant because the skills and memories I gained throughout them are the most valuable thing that I gained. Right after my first project I decided I wanted to get more involved and so I became a volunteer. As a volunteer I had the chance to facilitate in front of big groups of youth and that is how I discovered my passion for public speaking. Not only that but Erasmus+ offered me the chance to see places I have never thought I would see and meet so many people from different backgrounds with different perspectives of this world, that today I can call them my best friends. I got to hold training courses about the issues that interest me the most, like communication and inclusion and in those projects the thing that always amazes me is how connected people can get over certain topics.

If I were to be asked how I would describe an Erasmus+ mobility in one sentence I would say that it is a unique environment in which you can learn valuable knowledge and practical skills, breaking down the culture barriers and stereotypes. Besides the youth exchange programmes, training courses and mentorships, I also got the chance to try a new sport that I have never heard of before, which is Via Ferrata. I would never be able to put in words how amazing this whole E29 journey has been but for sure my friends could help because I convinced them all to join it. Once Erasmus, Always Erasmus.