My name is Ana Raquel, I am 23 years old and I had been involved in several international projects and activities, but it was not until I was 23, in December of 2019, that I got to know the Erasmus + projects. I regret not having heard of it before, because It would have changed my entire youth, not just the end of it.

I went to Lithuania for the Project “Languages we speak” and It was a life changing experience, I got to know people from other countries and their cultures and I was able to discuss many interesting topics.

This experience, that I hope was not the last, enabled me to improve my social and cultural awareness and allowed me to make friends all over Europe, also it offered me the possibility to get a greater insight into the Lithuanian culture, which I had no clue was so amazing.

Along with that, I got to know associations like “Clube de Jovens Europeus” that work hard so that Europe doesn´t sound so big, bringing young people across Europe closer together. In conclusion, It was an amazing experience I am hoping to repeat soon and I just have to thank Erasmus + for making me even more passionate about my European citizenship