Operation Hook II is a Small Scale Collaborative Partnership in Sport, where a diverse group of like-minded individuals and organizations join forces to create a positive impact on the world of sport through shared goals, cooperative efforts, and a commitment to fostering inclusivity. Operation Hook aimed to create the capacity for all the organizations involved to engage more young participants, specially the ones facing fewer opportunities in Via Ferrata and use it as a tool for social inclusion.


Within Operation Hook, we organized several activities, including one international mobility – a training course on safety in via ferrata – and many local via ferrata activities. The international training course brought together enthusiasts and experts from all participating countries, fostering a rich exchange of knowledge and best practices in ensuring the safety of via ferrata adventures.

The local adventures were super special because we made them just right for each place. Some were in beautiful nature spots, and others were in towns. We wanted everyone, especially those who usually have a hard time joining in, to feel the excitement of via ferrata. These events were a big hit, showing that via ferrata is awesome for everyone, no matter where they’re from or what challenges they face.

Educational Videos

We have produced a series of tutorial videos explaining basic concepts of safety in via ferrata. These videos are easy to understand, breaking down important safety tips and the main things you need to know for a great via ferrata experience.

EP. 1 – Equipment and how to use it

In this first episode we delve into essential equipment and how to use it properly. From climbing harnesses to carabiners, we’ve got you covered on the must-know gear for your next Via Ferrata adventure.

EP. 2 – Basic Safety Rules in Via Ferrata

Safety first! In this episode, we explore the thrilling world of Via Ferrata while emphasizing the importance of basic safety rules. Discover the dos and don’ts that will ensure a secure and enjoyable Via Ferrata experience.

EP. 3 – Emergency Situation – helping someone

When the unexpected happens, will you be prepared? This video tackles emergency situations, focusing on how to assist someone in need during a Via Ferrata. Learn valuable skills as we guide you through essential steps to be a reliable and capable teammate when it matters most.

EP. 4 – Emergency Situation – helping yourself

What do you do when faced with an emergency situation during a Via Ferrata? Discover self-rescue techniques and essential safety tips that can make all the difference. Equip yourself with the knowledge and confidence needed to handle unforeseen challenges and ensure your safety in any wilderness scenario.

Photo Gallery

Below you can see some of the best moments of our project

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