Thriving among the picturesque landscapes of the Moravian-Silesian Region, in Czechia, an unforgettable sport activity unfolded. - UP! – Untangle Paragliding. The weather graced us with its finest—a canvas of clear skies adorned with sporadic clouds and a gentle, inviting breeze. It was an idyllic setting for an adventure, where more than 100 enthusiastic individuals gathered to partake in an exciting paragliding experience, organized by PG Hnizdo and E29, funded by the European Union.

PG Hnizdo, our esteemed partner for this escapade, orchestrated flawlessly coordinated days filled with excitement and learning, throughout the shining days of spring and summer. Their dedicated instructors were the backbone of this event, ensuring every participant received guidance and support, especially those trying paragliding for the very first time.

The events kicked off with ground-lifting exercises, familiarizing everyone with the fundamentals of paragliding. As a day progressed, participants eagerly consumed and took in the knowledge shared by the instructors. As they achieved smaller or larger successes their faces beaming with anticipation and joy.

Under the guidance of the experienced mentors, a few daring souls soared into the sky, managing to glide for short distances. The day progressed with fascinating flights where some individuals experienced the sheer thrill of floating above the stunning Czech landscapes. The atmosphere was electric, resonating with the collective excitement and wonder of experiencing this beautiful sport.

This Erasmus+ sport activity in Czechia not only provided a platform for individuals to explore paragliding but also served as a testament to the power of collaboration and the joy of discovering new passions. As the sun set on these memorable days, the echoes of laughter and the joyous faces of participants lingered—a testament to an experience that transcended boundaries and touched the skies.

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Join us on our future adventures, and let us embrace the thrill of exploring the skies and beyond.

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