In the enchanting landscapes of Sibiu, Romania, the stage was set for a paragliding spectacle that unfolded across three distinct weeks: September 1-7, 15-17, and 25-30, 2023.

Each day, from 10:00 to 18:00, with a possible extension until 19:00, the sky became a canvas for participants to paint their aerial dreams. The weather danced between clear skies and capricious winds, challenging both novices and seasoned fliers. Partnering with Air Adrenaline, the project attracted a diverse group of almost a hundred participants, ranging from adrenaline seekers to those contemplating a future in paragliding. The immersive experience was marked by moments of success and challenge, all under the guidance of dedicated instructors and the support of auxiliary staff.

As the days unfolded, participants engaged in a series of paragliding exercises. Despite the cancellation on September 1 due to bad weather, the skies cleared on September 2 in Garbova, Alba, allowing candidates to take flight. From the perfect day in Hasag, Sibiu, on September 16, where participants soared to new heights, to the picturesque session in Rosia, Sibiu, on September 17, the results were nothing short of spectacular.

More than 80 participants experienced the exhilaration of flight, with some expressing their intent to pursue formal paragliding education.

As the paragliding odyssey concludes, the call echoes beyond the clouds.

With the winds of Sibiu whispering tales of accomplishment, the future projects invite all to embrace the limitless opportunities that paragliding offers.

You can start by following E29, and let the sky become your canvas of endless possibilities.

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