The UP! Untangle Paragliding Open Week in Budapest, Hungary, brought the skies alive with the joyous laughter and exhilarating experiences of 120 flying enthusiasts from all corners of Hungary.

Between the 19 to the 21 of June and the 13 to the 15 of July the participants enjoyed splendid weather, basking in the summer heat as they embarked on a journey to explore the world of paragliding.
Each day offered morning and afternoon paragliding classes, with each class accommodating 10 eager individuals ready to take flight.

The paragliding classes were a blend of adventure, learning, and shared excitement.

First, participants embarked on a journey that started with a ride to a paragliding field in the corners of Buda. After some informal introduction and theoretical insights about paragliding, the participants untangled their paragliding ropes and geared up for their airborne experience: Running to catch the wind and trying to lift off. One of the highlights was witnessing the participants' determination as they tirelessly climbed back up the hill for the next attempt.

The process, though challenging, proved to be immensely rewarding. While the initial flights may have been brief, the sense of achievement was palpable when participants managed to lift their feet from the ground to the air and fly independently for their first time. The expressions of joy and adrenaline-fueled excitement on their faces were truly priceless.

One of the unique aspects of this activity is that participants can delve into the world of paragliding for the first time, completely free of charge, thanks to the partnership with the Free Air paragliding school and the co-funding of the European Union.
A heartfelt thank you to all the paragliding instructors involved, and especially to Gyozo! His tireless effort in providing theoretical insights, assisting with equipment, and ensuring each participant's safety and success were crucial to the event's success.

As we reflect on the incredible moments from the UP! Untangle Paragliding Open Week, we invite paragliding enthusiasts and adventure seekers to follow the e29 community for updates on upcoming paragliding activities. Join us in the skies and be part of the next thrilling experience.

Join the adventure - Your next paragliding experience awaits!

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