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Media Masters was a youth exchange that focused on the topics of podcasting and livestreaming. This activity, hosted by CJE – Clube de Jovens Europeus, gathered 60 digital media enthusiasts between the 24th of November and the 4th of December of 2023, in the town of AlfeizerΓ£o, in Portugal.

This was a very special youth exchange for CJE and for all the E29 partners involved!

First because we felt that all the young people that follow us were craving for an activity in Portugal, since we didn’t have an international mobility in this country for quite some time.

Second, because this youth exchange was the one where the E29 network managed to put together more nationalities than ever before until the date! In total, there were 8 countries involved: Portugal, Slovakia, Hungary, Czechia, Lithuania, Romania, Serbia, and Latvia. In fact, it was the first time ever that E29 included Latvian participants in a mobility. That feeling of meeting people from a new nationality and working and cooperate with them for the first time was great - we cannot wait to include Latvians again in our future activities!

Lastly, this trendy topic of podcasting and livestreaming made this activity super challenging! It was exciting to see so many youth interested in learning how to run a podcast or a livestream show and how to use the digital gear needed for that. It was also impressive to see so many ambitious and creative minds working together and producing content while having the most fun.

In the beginning of this mobility, the main focus was to create a big family. In the first couple of days, we played games together and made icebreakers. We also had activities on the beach, and it was heart-melting to see the smiles on the faces of everybody when staring and feeling the ocean. For some of us, it was a first-time experience! At the beach, we made a crazy-50 activity where we had to make multiple challenges in the area involving interactions within our group, with the environment, and even with unknown local people! You can check the hilarious results of this activity on the following Instagram pages that were created for this activity: @444portoangels @portugese_tigers @easternblock.the1 @mediawaves2023

After getting our group together we finally put our hands on this topic of podcasting and livestreaming. First, we were introduced to the media gear involved in performing these activities. We got familiarized with how to use the cameras, microphones, tripods, lights, green screen, audio mixing table, hardware switcher, cables, drone, etc. Then, we made groups and the goal for the following days was to create diverse types of digital media content that could be put together to create a huge livestreaming to be broadcasted online on YouTube, simulating a one-day content from a TV channel. The content created was splendid! It includes short movies, funny video advertisements, interactive games, interviews and podcasts that we made to each other, famous TV programs (such as Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Breaking News, etc.), and many more! You can check all these fantastic results compiled on this giant YouTube video with more than 5 hours of content:

After 9 days in a mobility with so many challenges and beautiful moments, the part of saying goodbye was not an easy task. However, the memories we shared, the results we made, the dissemination activities that are currently going on, and the impacts that are being generated in multiple countries, will make this activity everlasting.

The cultural diversity in this mobility generated on us a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment regarding the mission of contributing for the creation of a more unified Europe, where people from different cultures can feel themselves that they have lots of points in common with each other. The differences can create unity, and with unity we can create impactful stories loaded with beautiful memories.

We believe that everybody is unique, and the constant principle of creating a safe and familiar environment in all the activities, makes it possible for everybody to express himself with freedom and without fearing negative judgements.

This is what we fight for, this is E29. Join the upcoming activities and be part of this mission.

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