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16.04.2024 - 20.04.2024


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Zemplén, Hungary

Exploring the Zemplén region

Welcome to our journey through the stunning landscapes of the Zemplén region in Hungary, a true hidden gem for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike.

Day 1: The wilds of Telkibánya

Our adventure began in the rugged terrains around Telkibánya, where every step was an interaction with the rugged beauty of nature. We navigated loose soil and the day’s highlight was crossing a stream, closely surrounded by the lush, unspoiled wilderness a test of skill and teamwork for everyone involved. It was a day filled with challenges, but the beauty of the natural world around us made every moment worthwhile.

Day 2: Majestic vistas of Füzér

The next day’s trek brought us to the breathtaking heights of Füzér, offering views that seemed straight out of a movie scene—think Jurassic Park, minus the dinosaurs. The panoramic scenery was mesmerizing, making every step worth the effort. As the sun set, we indulged in Hungarian culinary delights and gathered around the campfire, sharing stories and laughter and music under the starlit sky.

Day 3: The rewarding ascent in Rostálló

Our final day was marked by a strenuous climb in Rostálló, but the reward at the summit was beyond words. The view was a breathtaking panorama that stretched across the heart of Hungary’s landscape, a fitting climax to our hiking expedition. It was a moment of awe and deep satisfaction, a reminder of why we venture into the wild— to seek those rare, pristine views.

Throughout these three days, we not only challenged our physical limits but also forged deeper connections with nature— and each other. The Zemplén region proved to be the perfect backdrop for our adventure, offering a mix of natural beauty, historical intrigue, and the warmth of Hungarian hospitality

Join us next time as we continue to explore the hidden wonders of our world!

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