Often without realizing it, our daily routines, whether relaxing in our favourite café, dashing towards the metro, or just taking a casual walk down the street, can bring us into the fascinating world of robotics, mechatronics, and artificial intelligence.

In the modern era, understanding the basics of coding and system design has become more than a neat trick; it’s becoming increasingly necessary. But don’t worry, we’re here to guide you.

Our program is designed for those who find terms like coding, electronics, and robotics bewildering. We aim to familiarize you with the fundamentals, helping you overcome any doubts and introducing you to the world of modern technology.

Furthermore, our goal is to equip all participants with the skills and tools necessary to bridge the gap between themselves and the world of technology, particularly for those who have always been curious but unsure where to start. This initiative is about turning curiosity into capability, bringing the wonders of tech within reach of everyone who yearns to learn.

Participant Profile

  • Residents or citizens from any of these countries: Hungary, Slovakia, Czechia, Romania, Portugal, Lithuania, Serbia.

  • Optimal Age range: 18+ years old
  • Has at least a conversational English level.

  • Is an active youth worker or is interested in becoming one.

  • Has the ambition to learn about technology and the digital world.

  • No prior experience in coding or electronics is required; however, having basic computer skills is helpful.

  • Available to attend the whole duration of the program and participate in all the sessions

  • Expresses a willingness to disseminate the training and its results to other groups of young people.

  • Demonstrates a desire to engage in future non-formal education activities.

  • Currently not receiving any funds from the European Union (e.g.: participating in an Erasmus exchange program within University)

Location and Venue

The program will be hosted in Balatonszemes at the Pillangó Youth Camp. Participants will be accommodated in shared rooms, housing 2-4 individuals, with room assignments based on international diversity and separated by gender.

Each participant will be served three meals a day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Participants’ dietary preferences should be provided during the application process to ensure meals are prepared accordingly.

Activity Schedule

  • Day 1: Introduction and orientation 

    We’ll start with an orientation to introduce the training framework, Erasmus+, and YouthPass, followed by engaging games and activities for team building and to get to know the area.

  • Day 2: Robotics fundamentals 

    Hands-on workshops on robot assembly and basic programming, with a glance at exciting tech trends like 3D printing and AI, focusing on the essentials of robotics.

  • Day 3: Programming and basic electronics 

    Focus on coding basics starting with “Hello World!” and explore the basics of electronics, learning about components and their roles in systems.

  • Day 4: The Internet of Things (IoT) 

    Discover the principles and potential of IoT, learning how it’s changing industries and how to apply it in real-life scenarios.

  • Day 5: Independent project development

    Participants will use the skills they’ve gained to start individual or group projects, to consolidate learning outcomes and foster innovative thinking by applying theoretical knowledge to real-world challenges.

  • Day 6: Tech education methods

    The final day will focus on effective methodologies for imparting technological skills across diverse audiences. We’ll explore teaching strategies for technology, discussing tech’s role in youth development and how to incorporate it into educational programs.

Useful information

  • Participation costs: There are no participation costs. Travel, accommodation, and food are funded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union. However, to avoid last-minute cancelations, participants who are selected will need to pay a 50€ deposit to confirm their participation. This is to avoid last-minute cancelations and to cover possible damages caused by the participants on the accommodation. The money is sent back after the activity.

  • Travel: The 24th and the 31st of May will be the travel days. The Portuguese team will travel by plane, while other teams will use bus, train, or shared car transportation. Once participants are selected, project coordinators will work together on developing a travel itinerary. Participants who prefer to buy the travel tickets for themselves, should inform the project coordinators in advance and save digital copies of their tickets for reimbursement.

  • Health & Insurance: We do not organize insurance for our participants. If they wish to have coverage, participants must arrange insurance for themselves. However, we ask all participants to bring their European Health Insurance Cards, which can be used if they need hospital care.

  • What to bring: Identification card or passport, towel, Hungarian Forint as pocket money to buy personal items (we recommend to bring cash since there might not be an ATM near the venue), laptop (if possible), speaker, board games, comfortable and enough clothes for the days of the activity and for outdoor activities as well.

  • Terms & Conditions: Refer to for detailed terms and conditions.

  • Q&A: Have doubts? Feel free to reach us through our social media channels.

  • Note: We made some changes to our application portal. Even if you already created an account, you might need to click “Sign up now”, validate your email, and create a password. All your previous data will be synchronized through your email address.

How to Take Part?

Sign in to your account or if you don’t have one sign up now and apply.

Deadline to apply: 07.05.2024

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