Media Masters will focus on developing digital competences of young people. More specifically, we will develop the skills needed to produce and conduct a livestream/podcast.

Livestreaming became extremely trendy in the last few years, in many different fields of interest. During this project we are proposing that you will be able to understand how livestreams and podcasts work and how you can set them up on your own or with your friends.
During the first few days we will focus on becoming a team, getting to know each other, moving later to learn more about New Media in general, how it can be beneficial in our lives and explore some good practices.

In the middle of the youth exchange we will move on to a more practical approach. We will develop all the content needed to put up a livestream project. You will learn about Design, Content Writing, Advertising, Video, and the technical side of putting up a live stream.

Close to the end we will have a full day where we will act as alive stream show. Imagine it as if we would be running a full day TVc hannel.

The last day will be to close our youth exchange and decide the future steps of the project.


Away from everything, but close to what matters, it’s close to the sea that you’ll find the quiet Youth Hostel of Alfeizerão.
Surrounded by peaceful gardens and a panoramic view of the Atlantic, this is an ideal place for retreats, moments of pause and to recharge of batteries, and you are guaranteed to have a lot of fun with all your new friends.

The cozy conference room will give usall the space we need to conduct ouractivities inside but we will still have thechance to enjoy the outdoors.

The internet connection is usually verystable but as with everything, prepare forit to fail.
Lunch and dinner will be served in the facilities respecting the dietary restrictions of participants.

Travel Plan

Once all participants are selected, the coordination team together with the participants will decide what is the best way to arrange transport to Portugal.

We will provide transportation to all participants by bus, train, plane.

Do not forget to keep a digital copy of every ticket or travel receipt that you may use. Otherwise, we will not be able to refund you. If your travel plan includes that you buy your own tickets, we will reimburse the costs once the project is over.

You can find more information on how we deal with the travel arrangements in our
Terms and Conditions, under Articles 7 and 10.

How to Take Part?

Sign in to your account or if you don’t have one sign up now and apply.

Deadline to apply: 01.11.2023

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