Floating about 1500km off the coast of mainland Portugal, the Azores Archipelago is a true paradise sculpted by the hand of Mother Nature.

Characterized by its breathtaking viewpoints of rugged coastlines and verdant landscapes, a sense of remoteness and isolation from the rest of the world, and innovative energy initiatives harnessing the power of wind and geothermal resources from volcanic activity, these islands and their communities offer more than a thousand of stories waiting to be explored.

The goal of this activity is to capture, document, and share these stories with the world, by using photography and videography techniques.

Activity Schedule

Participant Profile

  • Optimal Age range: 18+ years old.
  • Excitement to dive into photography & videography to capture the magic of Azores.

  • Available to attend the whole program and show effort in all the tasks.

  • Willing to contribute to the well-going of the activity.

  • Disposed to share and disseminate the results of the activity and the Erasmus+ program to other groups of young people.

  • Currently not receiving any funds from the European Union (e.g.: participating in an Erasmus exchange program within University).

Location and Venue

We will be staying in “CNE – Casa do Escuteiro”, an accommodation dedicated to scouts and located in the city of Ponta Delgada, in São Miguel island.

  • The rooms will be shared with other participants and we will sleep in bunk beds.
  • Bed sheets and towels will not be provided. So it’s the responsibility of each participant to bring or to get a sleeping bag and a towel.
  • There is no cleaning service, so it will be the entire responsibility of the group to maintain the place cleaned and leave it that way.
  • There is no cooking service. We will have access to the kitchen and its facilities and plan cooking teams within our group for each day.
  • There are no guarantees of a stable internet connection.
  • The accommodation has a nice session room and pleasant outdoor areas. It is also located right next to the ocean.

Useful information

  • Participation costs: There are no participation costs. Travel, accommodation, and food are funded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union. However, participants who are selected will need to pay a 50€ deposit to confirm their participation. This is mainly to avoid last-minute cancelations and to cover possible damages caused by the participants on the accommodation. This money is sent back after the mobility if participants attend the entire program and once they complete the follow-up dissemination task.

  • Travel: The airplane tickets will be bought by our organization. Only the most basic flight fares including one backpack that fits under the plane seats are funded. If the participants wish, they can manage their bookings and add extra options. Most probably, we will need to shift planes during our itinerary to Ponta Delgada’s airport. Although the official traveling days for this activity are on the 7th and the 17th of May, since there are not many traveling options to Azores, some participants might need to start traveling one day before, or they will arrive home one day later (in this case, participants need to arrange and pay for their overnight staying). If you have no availability to travel during the 6th or the 18th of May you should mention it in your application or inform the project coordinators asap. Once all participants are selected, project coordinators will work together on developing a travel itinerary and communicate it with the participants via Discord. There are no guarantees that all participants will travel using their nearest airport (e.g.: Hungarians, Czechs, and Slovaks might need to use the same airport). If participants need to buy bus or train tickets on their own to reach the city of their departure or arrival airport, they should inform the project coordinators and send them digital copies of the tickets for reimbursement (only basic traveling classes will be refunded).

  • Transportation during the activity: Renting a car is the most efficient way of transportation if you wish to explore the Island. We recommend you to gather a group of 4-5 participants and rent a car together with them. Note that car rentals during the activity are not funded.

  • What to bring: Identification Card or Passport, European Health Card, sleeping bag, towel, swimming suit, euro currency for personal items, laptop suitable for photo & video editing (if possible), camera (only if you wish, our organization will provide some cameras and other photo/video gear), board games for our free time, hiking shoes and appropriate clothes for the activity depending on the weather forecast.

  • Terms & Conditions: Refer to for detailed terms and conditions.

  • Q&A: Have doubts? Feel free to reach us through our social media channels.

  • Note: We made some changes to our application portal. If you already created an account some time ago, you might need to click “Sign up now”, validate your email, and create a password. All your previous data will be synchronized through your email address.

What to Expect

How to Take Part?

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Deadline to apply: 10.04.2024

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