This training program is designed to enhance the competencies of young individuals in the dynamic realm of videography, empowering them as adept contributors to active citizenship.

Throughout this engaging experience, participants will immerse themselves in every facet of videography —spanning from meticulous planning to hands-on production and intricate post-production processes. The journey involves embarking on a series of non-formal videography group challenges strategically set against the backdrop of Brno. These challenges encompass a diverse range of creative tasks, such as crafting documentaries, engaging in guerrilla filmmaking,
exploring digital storytelling, orchestrating chain-of-shot sequences, and participating in character improvisation exercises.

Beyond honing technical skills, participants will seize the opportunity to channel their ideas, needs, and opinions about societal issues through the lens of videography. This program fosters a platform for dialogue and collaboration, allowing participants to actively engage with the local community and contribute meaningfully to the broader discourse.

Participant Overview

  • Nationality from one of the following countries: Portugal, Hungary, Slovakia, Czechia, or Romania.
  • Is aged 18 or older.
  • Has the availability to actively attend the entire program.
  • Is interested in learning how to use videography to generate a positive impact.
  • Is motivated to organize or participate in future local filmmaking activities/ campaigns.
  • Expresses a willingness to disseminate the project and its results to other groups of young people.
  • Is not currently receiving any funds from the European Union (e.g., participating in an Erasmus exchange program within the University).


We will be staying at Internesto Apartments in Brno:
The group will be assigned to apartments within this accommodation.
Additionally, a dedicated session room will be available for our use during some sessions.
Participants in this training will receive three meals daily – breakfast, lunch, and dinner – along with one coffee break.

Useful Information

  • Participation costs: There are no participation costs. Both travel, accommodation, and food are funded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union.
    However, to avoid last-minute cancelations, participants who are selected will need to pay a 50€ deposit to confirm their participation.
    This is to avoid last-minute cancelations and to cover possible damages caused by the participants on the accommodation. The money is sent back after the activity.
  • Travel: The 22nd and the 27th of February will be the travel days.
    The Portuguese team will travel by plane, while other teams will use bus, train, or shared car transportation.
    Once participants are selected, project coordinators will collaborate on a travel plan.
    Participants can either purchase their own tickets and submit digital copies for reimbursement or request the project coordinators to make the purchase on their behalf.
  • Health & Insurance: We do not arrange insurance for our participants. If desired, the participants must arrange insurance for themselves.
    However, we ask all the participants to bring with them their European Health Insurance Cards, so they can use if they need to go to a Hospital.
  • What to bring: Identification Card; Towel; Some Czech currency or Revolut card; Comfortable and enough clothes for the days of the activity;
    Winter coat for outdoor filming activities; Laptop compatible with video editing software (if possible); Camera (optional, since we provide filmmaking gear);
    T-shirt from the Citizenship in Action project (in case you have participated in the previous activity from this project).
  • Terms & Conditions: Refer to for detailed terms and conditions.
  • Q&A: Have doubts? Feel free to reach us from our social media channels.
  • Note: We made some changes to our application portal.
    Even if you already created an account, you might need to click “Sign up now”, validate your email, and create a password.
    All your previous data will be synchronized through your email address.

Find out more about the Citizenship In Action Project
and its previous photography activity in Budapest:

How to Take Part?

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Deadline to apply: 09.02.2024

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